The best procedure for processing fired brass

This is the process I have come up with for prepping brass I bring home from the range.  I have tried to find ways to cut steps to save time but this is the best I can come up with.

  1. decap/deprime
  2. clean
  3. run through sizing die (obviously lube first if needed)
  4. check length
    • trim (if needed)
    • toss if too short
  5. clean primer pocket
  6. chamfer/debur

The cases are now ready to load.  Here are some of the consequences of skipping some steps:

Skipping step 2 will gum up your dies causing cases to get stuck and/or not size the case to speck

Skipping step 3 will cause the case to not be measured correctly

Skipping step 4 will at best cause your accuracy to be inconsistent, at worst you get rounds out of spec that can cause serious injury

Skipping step 5 can cause you to not be able to seat the primer all the way into the pocket

Step 6 is probably the only optional step in this list.  The reason I say this is because the consequence of not doing this step is mitigated based on the type of bullet and crimp die used.

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