My Collection of Free Reloading Data

I found myself the other day looking for some load recipes and was bouncing around a few different websites. It occurred to me that I have yet to find a single site that aggregated all the various free sources of load data out there so I started this list. This is obviously not a replacement for a good printed manual like the Lyman’s or Hornady load bible, but if you just need some manufacturer published data then this post should save you some time. Enjoy!

* Sierra does not publish a complete set of load data for all cartridges online, you have to buy their book, but they do publish some articles for popular calibers in this blog that I have used to develop new loads.

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  1. Does tested load data exist for Acme.45ACP, 175gr SWC, NLG coated bullets. Mfr does not have anything, nor does
    Alliant or Hogdon. My Lyman 50th ed, does not have load data for this bullet either. If the data does exist, where can I find it?
    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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