Minuteman Concealment discount code

I was recently looking for a IWB concealed carry holster to fit my Springfield XD sub compact pistol. While these are fairly easy to find around $30 or less, I recently added a Crimson Trace DS-123 laser to the rig. Adding that particular laser made finding a holster next to impossible to find.

I looked everywhere, and no one had a holster that would work for this setup, except Minuteman Concealment. They were the only holster shop I could find that would make a form fitting IWB holster for me that wasn’t $100. Custom orders do take 2 weeks to make (nothing unexpected and definitely not unreasonable there) but they are well worth the wait for something custom made. You can also use coupon code CALGUN10 for 10% off any order! Go ahead and check them out, I do not get any kickbacks, or commissions, just wanted to share with you a source for very reasonably priced custom made holsters.

Reasons why I like Minuteman Concealment:

  • Great customer service: I logged onto their website to start looking at the different holster options and had a couple questions off the bat. I opened up the chat now option at 7p Central and someone was still online and ready to talk with me, taking time to answer whatever questions I had.
  • Holsters you get to customize: Every holster is made to order to your specs. You get to choose the color(s)/patterns. You get to choose L or R handed. You get to choose if you want a light/laser fitting holster. You get to choose if you want the basic belt clips or claw attachment. You get to choose if you want IWB (Revolution Series) or OWB (Revere series) or a custom made appendix carry gun + mag holster (Jefferson Series). If you don’t see an option for your specific model firearm, they will make a holster to fit it. If you don’t see a color/pattern option you want, they will add it. If you don’t see the laser/light attachment you need the holster to fit, they will make it. For the revolution series holster this comes to about $50 using our 10% discount code CALGUN10.
  • 30 day no risk guarantee: Buy it, you don’t like it send it back within 30 days for a full refund. Custom orders included. Any company that will stand behind their products like that deserves consideration.
  • Free shipping: This one is self explanatory ūüôā
  • Quick Ship options available: Don’t care about the colors and just want it fast, they have quick ship options available for popular models that get mailed out in 1 biz day!
  • Price: Did I mention that their prices are very fair? I mean seriously $50 to your door for a custom designed/made IWB kydex holster is as great a deal as you will find out there for a kydex IWB holster.

The Buying Power of California’s Gun Owners

If there was ever any doubt about the market influence California has in the gun industry, it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt this past weekend. After the surprising ruling from Judge Benitiz in Duncan v. Becerra, not only did he reverse almost 2 decades of oppression by the CA state DoJ, but he was able to get the CA state Attorney General to admit that any magazine purchases made after the March 29, 2019 decision were legal! That however is not the point of this post.

The point here is how much influence the CA gun market can have. After the historic ruling was handed down, word spread like wildfire amongst the pro-2A community, not just in California, but across the USA. Soon retaliers across this great nation of ours were posting/announcing/emailing/etc. that there were accepting and shipping orders for 10+ round magazines to Cali. Overnight retailers sold out of inventory (which was in the thousands of units) and were calling their distributors for resupply to the tune of additional thousands of units. I was seeing posts on other websites telling stories of how distributors had sold out of 150k plus inventories overnight! That was one distributor!

Over a single weekend every magazine retailer large and small had seen sales volume like never before. Orders that are typically processed in a day had taken 2 or 3 to get shipped simply due to the sheer volume. While we may never know the exact count of magazines sold to California this past weekend, we can safely assume it is over the one million mark. I am going to go out on a limb and say that we as a single state in a single weekend have generated more business for the magazine industry than the past year combined for the rest of the country (gov’t contracts excluded). Now if we can only get as organized on election days, California could be made great again.


What impacts accuracy in an AR?

I see it all the time. Some tacticool Joe goes out and spends $1,500 on parts to build his AR15 and then puts a $30 scope on top of it. He then goes out and tries to make “sniper” shots and can’t hit the broadside of the barn. “its got a <fill in the name of some high priced barrel> on it. Why doesn’t it shoot well?” is always the follow up to which some harsh truth gets dropped on this poor soul.

When it comes to getting the best accuracy performance out of your rifle, ammo is the biggest influence over performance. After that comes optics, then trigger, and finally barrel. If we take a step back and think about what perfect accuracy is, it is the ability to send the bullet out the barrel over some distance and hit what we are aiming at dead center all in the matter of seconds. When in the barrel, the bullet doesn’t have much room to move around, but once it leaves the barrel all sorts of physics laws impart their harsh reality on it. If the bullet you are shooting has a low ballistic coefficient, then the bullet will go off course easier. Likewise, if your optic doesn’t provide a clear target image due to cheap glass or poor parallax adjustments, the barrel of your rifle may not be lined up with target even though the cross-hairs say they are. Last, but definitely not least, if your trigger is too stiff then what ends up happening is you apply so much pressure that you pull the barrel off target when the hammer gets released. All of these things can result in fractions of an inch change which translates to feet off target down range.

The bottom line is that the barrel has not as much influence on the overall accuracy of the gun as most people think. Yes having a barrel from a good manufacturer is paramount to accuracy, but to be honest its more about their QC processes than anything else. I have shot both high dollar rifles and budget ones and I have shot well and horribly with both. At the end of the day it’s your money and you get to decide what to do with it, just don’t be surprised if that $300 barrel with a $20 scope pairing doesn’t make dime sized groups.

The different levels of gun gear

We’ve all asked ourselves this question: Do I buy the $100 version of this thing, or the $20 made in China one?

Some guys will tell you to buy the name brand expensive option.¬† In their mind it’s the only way to go.¬† These are the folks who have the money to buy Versache gun bags if there were such a thing.

Then there’s the buy the cheapest one crowd.¬† If it breaks, throw it away and buy a new one.¬† These guys are usually the ones doing mag dumps at the range and measure accuracy in terms of minute-of-man, minute-of-car, and minute-of-barn size groups.

Neither of these groups is typically correct 100% of the time.  So when is it right to buy the military grade, withstand a nuke blast version, and when is it correct to buy the made in China special from wally world?  The answer lies in what YOU need it for.

There are essentially 5 grade of gear:
1) My life depends on this grade Рthese are products designed for military and LEO use in the field to fight.  I think you get the picture.
2) Hunter grade Рthe name says it all.  You are going to trek miles into the woods for that trophy hunt and your gear is going to take some beating (not as bad as a war zone) and you still need it to work every time
3) Tacticool grade – It looks like the delta team operator’s gear, but it’s not
4) Hobby gun owner grade – It will work but can’t withstand much abuse.¬† Maybe not machined to the tightest of tolerances but will be close to spec
5) Airsoft grade – Don’t put this on real guns

These are my terms, not official industry ones so there is some room for interpretation/disagreement with me but I think most will agree.

So which one fits you?  My perfect example of how to answer this question is the bi-pod I run on my rifles.  They cost less than $20, and work great.  I would never take them into war, but then again I am not a soldier or LEO.  If I was, there is no way that bi-pod could withstand the abuse their gear is required to take and paying $100+ for a bi-pod is absolutely required.  The point here is that if you are honest with yourself about your needs and expectations, then you can definitely save yourself some money, and still have gear that will meet your needs.

Here are some of the “Hobby Gun Owner” gear I have purchased with my own money and tested:
[amazon_link asins=’B077DD1QLW,B01E4YVCOA,B015HVQQHM,B01F67BSMA’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’calgunandprep-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’02531644-e297-475e-b2e3-860fd8f8f58f’]

and here is some of the name brand gear that I decided was worth the extra cost to guarantee performance:
[amazon_link asins=’B018YKOXPU,B01HK3UFBI,B004RR0N8Q,B001GXHKOO,B01KUBK3LY’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’calgunandprep-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’03af78bc-87fd-4d8a-9267-eeb237ae7bbe’]