Shooting 22lr from a 12 Gauge

A while back I reviewed a case gauge made by The Shooter’s Box as part of the video we did on loading for 357 Sig.  They reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing another product for them to which I said hell yes!  What they sent me was their new 22 rimfire adapter for 12 gauge shotguns.

The first thought I had is probably the one going through your mind as you are reading this.  “Why would I want to shoot a 22 out of a shotgun?”  Well there are 2 reasons I have come up with (actually the 1st one was explained to me by Steve from The Shooter’s Box).

  1.  Great for go bags/prepper kits:  Think about it.  A 22lr is a great gun to have on hand for small game, but is terrible for self defense.  A shotgun is great for fowl hunting, self defense, etc. but is terrible for small game.  When preparing for the worst, you have limited space to fit gear, so taking both a shotgun and a 22 rifle is probably not possible.
    The 12ga to 22lr adapter from The Shooter’s Box is the same size as a 3″ 12ga round

    With the adapter you don’t need to take multiple guns.  For the space of a single 12ga round, you have a firearm capable of shooting both.  This also makes changing calibers in the field extremely fast and easy allowing you to adapt to your situation instantly.

  2. Training:  I have a son.  He is not capable of learning how to shoot a 12 gauge yet.  The recoil would knock him back to yesterday.  However I want him to be familiar with how to shoot a shotgun, not just in how to operate it but also how to aim it.  I could get a .410 ga shotgun (I have one) but have you tried to find ammo for a .410 lately?  It’s more expensive to shoot than .308 and harder to find than 6.5 Grendel (at least by me).  So by converting my 12ga to a 22, he can start to learn on it safely, and cheaply.

The next question I had was how accurate could a 22lr be out of a 12ga barrel?  I was actually pretty surprised at the results.  My son and I were able to consistently hit paper at 15 yards out.  Is it as accurate as an actual 22lr rifle? No.  But it definitely would do in a pinch.  To be honest I’m not that great with my old coach gun as it is, I mean I bought it more for nostalgia purposes than to actually compete or hunt with and it’s meant to throw a bunch of small round steel balls in the general direction of a target so the sights aren’t made for precision shooting either.  With some practice though and the right kind of ammo, it would not surprise me if you could consistently hit a 2″ group at 15 yards.

20 rounds of 22lr from 15yds

All in all I think this is a great tool to have in your kit.  The flexibility offered along with the efficiency of being such a small size definitely makes it worthy of being in your bag.  Plus you also have the added bonus of being able to troll some people at the range.

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