The scope that makes BDC reticles great again

Review of Tract Optics Response series 7.62 AR 10 scope from range test on Grendel Rifle.

Today I want to do a review about a newer manufacturer of sporting optics. Their name is Tract Optics. I found them one day when I was looking on Amazon trying to gauge prices for different scopes for an AR308 pattern rifle I am building. I knew I could get a decent quality scope for the $100 to $150 price range, but I wanted something that would be capable of helping me hit 800 yard shots and quite frankly as good as a Leupold VX1 scope is for deer hunting, it just wasn’t enough to do what I wanted. So I started researching what was available in my price range of around $500 to $600 and that’s when I came across the RESPONSE series optics line from Tract.

My 6.5 Grendel AR15 with Tract Optics Response series 7.62 NATO scope mounted

As is typical with the discovery of any new low priced brand I find on Amazon my 1st instinct was to write the product off as some cheap knock off from China. I mean let’s be honest here, just under $400 for a scope that boasts a single piece 1” tube purged with Argon gas, fully multi-coated lenses, a 4-16x zoom with a 42mm objective lens, ¼” MOA adjustable target turrets that are spring loaded to allow fast and easy zero reset, a BDC reticle, and topped off with a fully transferable lifetime guarantee seems a little too good to be true at least for a quality set of glasses. Then again it’s also too expensive for that cheapo Chinese stuff you typically find on Amazon as well.

My curiosity having been piqued, I did a quick google search and found Tract’s website. I started reading through it and the more I read the more I realized that these guys were legit. It turns out that a couple of guys both named John (one spells it Jon) decided to leave the company they were working for and start their own. As a result they founded Tract Optics to not only deliver a quality product designed for the average hunter/shooter in mind, but they wanted to make sure we could afford it as well. To do that they decided that their entire business model would be direct sales from them (the manufacturer) to the customer. No middle man, no distributors, no re-sellers to mark up the price tag. The only 2 places you can buy their products is from them directly, or through Amazon.

So I called them up and asked if I could review their product and they sent me a Response series scope for my AR308 build I was working on. As I was building the rifle I got a little side tracked and instead built a new AR15 in 6.5 Grendel (yes I know my ADD got the best of me).  I thought to myself anyone can design a scope with a BDC reticle for 223/5.56 NATO or 308/7.62 NATO, but Tract claims that pairing their scope with their Impact Ballistics software will enable to you re-calibrate any of their scope’s BDC reticles for any cartridge of any caliber.  I thought if I was going to do a review, then I might as well review something worthwhile.

Everyone says their scope has the best light transmission, clearest of target picture, etc. The same holds true for Tract. I am not knowledgeable enough to say whether or not the Tract Optics RESPONSE series scope is better than the rest, but I can say that it definitely does no worse than my Leupold VX-3i. I can’t tell a difference between the 2 in terms of clarity or light transmission and the Tract scope costs half as much as the Leupold with more zoom range, an upgraded reticle, and target turrets. So far on paper the Response series from Tract Optics is a great scope.

Unedited photo of target at 100 yards with 16x zoom through the RESPONSE series scope from Tract Optics

After putting my Grendel AR15 together I mounted the scope to the rifle and hit the range. For the review I wanted to verify the following:
1) How clear is the target image at max zoom
2) Does it hold center
3) How accurate is the Impact Ballistics program and can I use it to re-calibrate the BDC marks on the reticle
I had a pretty good idea that 1 and 2 would pass without issue, and I would have put money down that #3 would be a success as well but still I had to try it out.

I started by bore sighting my scope at 100 yards, I took a few shots at the 100 yd target and got the scope zeroed in. From there I entered the data into the online app and got my new yardage marks for the reticle. I lined up my scope for 200 yards based on the new BDC data, and pulled the trigger. I heard the round smack the target. Next I tried 300 yards. Again I heard the clang of the bullet hitting steel. The same for 400 yards, 500 yards, then 600 yards. I was able to walk the ladder from 100 to 600 yards out of the box from bore sight to 100 yard zero to 600 yard hits in 10 rounds. Color me impressed!

Line break at the range after a few boxes in.

I want to take a moment to reiterate the point here because to me it is pretty cool. I took a scope with a BDC reticle on it that was designed for a different rifle, in a different caliber and using free software on Tract’s website I was able to recalculate the yardage marks on the reticle and hit 600 yard shots almost out of the box. What this means is I am able to take their scope, and put it on any rifle in any caliber and still use it without having to shoot a bunch of ammo trying to figure out what the new yardage values are on the reticle. In addition if I only have access to a short distance range, but need to zero my rifle for say 300 yards, I can use the Impact Ballistics program to calculate the elevation adjustment on the scope needed to make that happen.

I really have to hand it to the guys at Tract Optics. For a scope that is not even their top of the line optic, it performed extremely well. Which doesn’t surprise me at all. Everything about this company has been top notch. Every little detail has been thought of addressed even down to the care and quality of the product packaging. I am really glad I found this company, not just because they make a great quality product, but also because they built this company around goal of being affordable to everyone. The next time I need to buy a scope, I know where I will be spending my money.

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