How to remove a stuck case

Even the most experienced reloader will occasionally get a case stuck in a sizing die. There are a few different tool kits out there to help you remove them but the one I use is the RCBS stuck case removal kit. It is very easy to use and has not failed me yet (I have had to use it quite a few times). The only thing I would recommend is also picking up a tap wrench if you don’t have one.

Reloading Basics: How to remove a stuck case from die
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Published at 2017, October 30
RCBS case removal kit:

These are the RCBS dies I use for 223 reloading: htt
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In case you need to order a replacement part from RCBS or just want to pick up a few spare cap screws/taps/drill bits to have on hand (I’ve broken a drill bit) here is the part’s list from RCBS:
 Part #                       Description
 09342                     Stuck Case Remover Body
 09343                    Allen Wrench 3/16
 09344                    Drill No. 7
 09345                    Tap 1/4-20
 09346                    Socket Head Cap Screw 1/4″-20 x 1 1/4″

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